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Key Staff and Affiliated Partners

Ken MeyersKen Meyers, President
Ken has established and managed several companies in his career. He recently served as President of Arlington Communications, Inc., a marketing company helping American firms target overseas markets. Arlington acquired and merged with Dynasty Resources, Inc. to develop an in-depth China strategy. Clients work exclusively with senior US-China specialists on a project basis. The process is transparent and designed to minimize risk prior to making a corporate commitment. Ken is a graduate of Cornell University where he majored in Government and International law.


Dr. Daxi LiDr. Daxi Li, Partner
Dr. Li, head of the Dynasty Incubator Program for Chinese firms entering the US market, received his Ph.D. in physics from CUNY in 1985, and was an Assistant Professor at McGill University, CCNY, and NYIT from 1985 to 1991.

Dr. Li, who has a personal friendship with former President Jiang Zemin, President Hu Jintao and Premier Zhu Rongji, has participated in the China National Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, one of China's most powerful organizations, where his suggestions to improve the nation's eleventh Five-Year Plan were well-received. Dr. Li founded the China Association for Science and Business in 1997 to promote hi-tech development, venture capital and banking reform in China. He is also co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Student Venture Park, a joint-venture with the Shenzhen city government, which hosts 250 tech startups. Dr Li worked for a decade at some of Wall Street's premier investment banks, including Salomon Brothers and Lehman Brothers. He is currently Director of the Board of United Orient Bank, where he oversees investments and auditing.


Hong ChengHong Cheng, Managing Director
Hong works with Chinese and American clients to help meet the challenges of doing business in a foreign environment. Hong has over 15 years of experience in US-China cross culture communications and business consulting. She establishes and manages key relationships in government and the private sector. Her professional experience covers industries including finance, healthcare, performing arts, fashion, and alternative energy. She formerly worked with CIBC World Markets Mergers and Aquisitions, Yale University, Columbia University, United Nations, ENK International, CPAA Theatres and many other organizations in both the public and private sector. She currently oversees Dynasty's alternative energy, franchising, and medical device clients. Hong is bi-lingual and literate in English, Mandarin as well as Shanghainese and Cantonese dialects. Ms. Cheng majored in finance and marketing and is a graduate of Stern School of Business. She travels frequently to Asia for projects, maintains homes in New York, Beijing, and Shanghai.


Qin Qin Tang, Director of Communications
Qin Qin manages Dynasty's translation staff in both the US and China assuring clear communication between US clients and their Chinese counterparts. Her professional qualifications include simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation for former Vice President Gore and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. She has provided simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation for the China Ministry of Health, China Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Chinese State Council. Qin Qin is a certified legal interpreter for Homeland Security. Before joining Dynasty, Qin Qin provided project management and consulting services to Western and Chinese firms, including Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Lenovo, Citibank, UBS, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Finance Street, MetLife and 3Com Corp. Fluent in Mandarin and English, Qin Qin obtained her master's in International Business from the University of California, Berkeley, and her bachelor's from Nanjing University. She was born and raised in Shanghai.


Changbing Zhu, Director of Dynasty Beijing
Changbing Zhu who heads and manages Dynasty's Beijing office was a diplomat for over 20 years in helping China's State leaders receive foreign guests. He began his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked in various diplomatic posts, including the Chinese Embassy in Australia, the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco and the Chinese Consulate General in New York. Changbing Zhu assists our clients in meetings with high level government and business contacts. He is a graduate of Beijing Foreign Language University and studied at The Monterey Institute of International Studies in California.


Margaret Rong, Director of Dynasty Shanghai
Ms. Rong immigrated to the United States in the early 1980's and moved back to Shanghai in 2008 to head Dynasty's Shanghai office. She is responsible for important contacts in both government and the private sector and overseas Dynasty's Shanghai operation. For many years, she managed her family's diamond and jewelry business. She has successfully introduced wines from Il Palazzzone, Montalcino, Italia, winery owned by Richard Parson in Italy, into the China market. She is also an advisor to Citic Group in Hong Kong.


Robin Sanderson, Director of Marketing, Advertising and PR
As head of Dynasty's US marketing, advertising and PR division, supports Chinese firms that want to establish a presence in the United States. Robin's guidance enables Chinese corporations to adapt smoothly to a new business environment. As head of The Sanderson Group, Inc., a New York-based, full service marketing consulting, marketing communications and event/promotion marketing firm, Robin has been successful in working with a broad spectrum of clients to deliver innovative marketing solutions. Clients have included Advanta, American Express, Canon, CardinalHealth, Citigroup, and Molton Brown among others. Prior to forming The Sanderson Group, Robin was the Executive Vice President of MarketSource Corporation. In her fourteen-year tenure, she was responsible for growing the company from a $6 million to an $80 million business through new product introduction and business development. She holds a BSBA degree in Accounting from Bucknell University and an MBA in Marketing from Fordham.


Alex Hillman Jr., Managing Director for Alternative Energy and Healthcare
Alex brings in-depth knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry, especially in the medical device sector. He is Executive Director of the U.S. China Science, Technology and Cultural Foundation. He is also Dynasty's specialist in clean energy including wind, solar and electric power. Alex's father was the first American to broadcast from Shanghai in 1929. Alex's understanding of the China business culture helps Dynasty's clients develop an effective energy and healthcare strategy.


Ann Ashton Schilling, Media Consultant
Ann is an accomplished author and senior technical writer assisting Dynasty's clients in preparing their message for an effective China translation. She edits company profiles, business plans and executive summaries for media-ready communication. At Electro Industries, Inc., a division of General Electric, she was responsible for creating technical webpages and quick start manuals. Ann has a strong background in sales and marketing, which enables her to quickly relate to project objectives.


Jason Choi, Director of Business Development Korea
Jason is responsible for Dynasty's Korean clients. He holds a B.S. degree in International Finance from the University of Southern California and a masters degree in creative writing from UCLA. He is fluent in both English and Korean. He founded and owned Indian Hills Development Co., Inc. which purchased and rehabilitated residential and commercial properties, secured financing, reviewed and approved building plans and permits, supervised construction crews and land acquisitions. He founded the Western Equipment Rental Co., Inc., which does concrete manufacturing and construction equipment rental. He takes a keen interest in the arts and has produced theatrical productions in Korea an US.


Affiliated Partners